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Based on your information, we have matched you with a team of leading data breach solicitors. They are perfectly placed to take your case onboard and help claim the compensation you deserve. The expert solicitors will be in contact shortly (either by email or phone) to find out a little more information about your case. Make sure you look out for their call or email so you don’t miss out or the email ends up in your junk folder! Best of luck with your potential claim!

Look for your data breach notification

It is usual, if you have been a victim of a data breach, then the organisation concerned would have contacted you to inform you of the breach. This would usually be by email or letter, so check to see if you have the notification which will help confirm you have a valid claim.

Provide us with more detail

We’ll be in touch to get more detail from you to help confirm if you have a valid claim. It doesn’t necessarily matter if you can’t find, no longer have, or never received a notification from the organisation concerned, as we can make an enquiry on your behalf to confirm if you are one of those affected by the data breach.

Let us handle it all for you

Once we’ve confirmed that you have a valid claim worth pursuing, let us handle it for you to get you the compensation you deserve. There’s very little you need to do to help us get your claim moving.

Gather any evidence of losses or damage

Data breaches can cause not only distress but also financial losses e.g if a fraudulent transaction has been carried out using your card or accounts. A claim can be made on your behalf for any losses or inconvenience or stress caused by the breach so get together any information to support your case, such as bank or card statements showing fraudulent transaction or medical reports showing the degree to which the data breach may have affected you.